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Mind Colors is a collaboration between artists forging in this way a refreshing musical conversation with a new vision of the improvisational jazz genre. Featuring Artist: Jandro Rivas, Danel Díaz, Letzer Cartagena.

"Under Rivas’ leadership, the Calabó aesthetic evolves powerfully into a guitar ensemble reflecting the guitarist’s original vision on their second recording Mind Colors. With deeper explorations of his passions for rock, Latin and jazz, he engages Diaz and another great talent Letzer Cartagena – both of whom have studied at the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico – to create some wild, inspiring and freewheeling musical conversations. Riffing off the theme of the clever album title, it’s as if they’re working intuitively and telepathically as they draw from an expansive palette of colorful licks, infectious melodies and stylistically eclectic grooves. "

By Jonathan Widran - The JW Vibe

"My choice for personal favorite of the eight exciting songs offered up was easy to make… “Funky Twilight” kicks your mind, soul & body into high gear immediately… some of the best guitar I’ve listened to this year; this song earned an immediate placement on my iPhone player (something that only happens for the very BEST tunes)!

I give Calabó a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this most enjoyable album."

by Dick Metcalf - Contemporary Fusion Reviews

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One Day at a Time - 2020 album

One Day at a Time


One Day at a Time is an improvisational style music traveling around jazz, latin jazz and world music genres. This album tries to musically describe a tropical day , from sunrise to the late night hours. The intention of the composer, Jandro Rivas, is to portray a mental picture of a typical sunday on a tropical paradise. From Chromatic Dream, following the first hours of the morning and Salitre, where you can almost hear the waves as drum riffs, to Children of the Moon with long dreamy melodies.

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